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VolSync Backups and Restores on Helm Platforms


S3 Provider Setup

See here for instructions on how to setup an S3 storage provider for use. Once this is done, return here and continue with the below.

Adding Credentials

You can add the credentials by copy-pasting the Full Examples section in the common-docs and adapting those accordingly

PVC Backups

PVC data can be easily backed up to S3 storage by using our integrated VolSync support. For each individual app, the VolSync Destination (Restore) option must set on creation of the app by doing the following:

  1. Add VolSync to each persistence object you want synced as below

  2. Add the name you gave to the S3 credentials earlier, under the credentials section of VolumeSnapshots

  3. Enable the VolSync Source (Backup) and/or VolSync Destination (Restore) options as desired

  4. Confirm the data is being sent to your S3 host after ~5 minutes

It will look something like this for each of your persistence:

- name: config
type: restic
credentials: mys3_credentials
enabled: true
enabled: true

PVC Restoration

PVC data restoration will happen automatically before the app starts. Please be aware this can take a while depending on the size of the backup, your connection speed, etc.

Total System Restore and Migration to New System

When on a completely new system, you can easily restore using the above steps with the following caveats:

  • On a non-SCALE system, the PVC backend needs to support snapshots
  • The apps need to be called exactly the same as they were before, preferably using a previously-exported config
  • If you’ve any non-PVC storage attached, be sure that this is still available or apps won’t start until this is resolved