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So you’ve followed some of our TrueNAS guides, setup your domain name, certificates and use Cloudflare for your DNS management, however you don’t have a static IP, then this guide is for you. This quick guide will help you go through the steps to use Cloudflareddns to update your dynamic IP along with your entire deployment so that even if you change IP your domain will point to the right address.


Domain name (can be purchased through Cloudflare or any other domain registrar)

Cloudflare DNS management

  • Sign up for Cloudflare free

  • Point your nameservers to the ones Cloudflare assigns to you


Cloudflareddns chart


This guide assumes you’ve followed our clusterissuer guide with your domain on TrueNAS and done the configuration for your DNS on Cloudflare

The recommended way is to setup CNAMEs for your subdomains (charts) and keep your A record pointed to your base domain, such as below


Create an API Token, with the following permissions: Click Create Token and Use Template on the Edit zone DNS.

  • Zone - DNS - Edit
  • Zone - Zone - Read

And the following Zone resources

  • Include - Specific zone -


Cloudflareddns Chart Setup


Use API Token previously created for the CF API Token field.

Click Add for Hosts, Zones and Record Types.

  • Change Domain to your DNS Zone A record (
  • Change Zone to DNS Zone ID found on the Cloudflare Overview Page for your domain.
  • Change Record Type to A if you’re only changing your main domain

If you’re using or changing specific A records or CNAMEs you may want to refer to the upstream documentation for more examples here)