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Installation Guide


  1. to setup archivebox:
  • App Configuration > Admin Username & Admin Password Configure an initial admin username and password you want to log in with in the Web UI (only applied on first setup run). Screenshot of example Admin Username & Password configuration

  • Networking and Services > Service's Port(s) Configuration > Port Configure the port you want to access the ArchiveBox web interface on, or use the pre-populated default. Screenshot of example Archivebox webserver port configuration

  • Storage and Persistence > App Data Storage Setup persistent a persistent storage volume to use for your ArchiveBox /data directory. We recommend using a Host Path with Automatic Permissions Configuration disabled. Screenshot of example App Data Storage configuration Make sure whatever filesystem the data is located on supports FSYNC and doesn’t squash permissions. (NFS servers may need to set no_root_squash + no_all_squash) For more info about ArchiveBox’s filesystem requirements, see here:

  • Containers > Main Container > Extra Environment Variables (optional) Optionally add any other ArchiveBox Configuration variables you want here. Screenshot of example Archivebox extra configuration

  1. ✅ Then click Install at the bottom, and wait a few minutes for it to finish deploying.

  2. Once deployed, click Applications > ArchiveBox > Web Portal to access ArchiveBox . Screenshot TrueNAS Apps UI to access Web Portal Screenshot ArchiveBox UI open in browser Click the Log In (upper right) and proceed with the admin username and password you configured above. Screenshot of ArchiveBox UI login page Optionally change your password from the initial value by going to Account in the navbar (/admin/password_change/). Screenshot of ArchiveBox navbar highlighting Account and Add buttons Click Add in the menubar to get started adding new URLs to archive.

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