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Add Traefik Basic Auth to Apps

Our traefik chart has the ability to add various middlewares to the chart that can add extra functionality to your setup. You can see the full list of middlewares inside the traefik menu options. In this guide we’ll go over setting up the Basic Auth traefik middleware.


  • Traefik installed (see previous steps of SCALE Apps Manual)


Once traefik is installed, scroll down to the Middlewares section


When there, you can fill out the Configure basicAuth section with what follows:

  • Name the basicAuth, most people choose basic
  • Add as name users as necessary, choosing a specific Username and Password for each user.

Adding it to Apps using Ingress

Once you have your basicAuth setup, you need to add it to apps that have Ingress(Traefik) enabled, otherwise you cannot use this middleware.


Scroll to the section Configure Traefik Middlewares

  • Click Add to add a fillable section
  • Write in the name of the basicAuth from before. For most people that’s basic as the example below.


Verify Authentication

Once the basicAuth is installed, please visit the URL that you configured the Ingress for. If everything is setup correctly you should see the Pop-Up below.


Video Guide


  • If you need more help you can also reach us using Discord for real-time feedback and support.