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Installation Guide

Dataset Structure

This is the location your completed nzb files will be located

Typical setting user:group to apps, nothing fancy here

  • Placed the created nzb dataset within the downloads folder

??? Note “Note” The apps:apps user:group is built into Truenas SCALE, it is the default user for most applications on Truenas SCALE. You do not have to create a separate user for each application.

When configuring your application you'll typically see user:group `568`, this is the UID for `apps` and its recommended not to change it.

!Dataset: Tube

App Installation


The setup is completely default

However, if you want to use ingress, its probably better to use clusterIP instead

!Networking: NZBGet



The setup is also default

!Storage: NZBGet


I always mount to the root directory of the container

!Storage: NZBGet

Keep in mind, these are just my personal settings, if you are wanting a more in-depth example, check out TRaSH Guides: NZBGet Documentation









  • set this to something you can remember


  • This field is separated by commas.
  • We added my Lan on there 192.168.0.*
  • As well as the kubernetes Network 172.16.*.*


I use 5 categories

  • Movies is used by:

??? Radarr “Radarr”

- We also always enable `Remove Completed` for NZBs
![!Settings: Radarr](./img/radarr.png)
  • Series is used by:

??? Sonarr “Sonarr”

- We also always enable `Remove Completed` for NZBs
![!Settings: Sonarr](./img/sonarr.png)
  • Music is used by:

??? Lidarr “Lidarr”

- We also always enable `Remove Completed` for NZBs
![!Settings: Lidarr](./img/lidarr.png)
  • Manual is ignored by all of my applications and only for my personal use

  • Manga is for Komga

    • Komga doesn’t automatically import, We just decided to give it its own category anyway

While creating these categories, We ONLY changed the name, no other field was changed, the files once completed, will still go into their own directory as shown below.

!Structure: NZBGet