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PalWorld RCON Notes

Shell into the app from the web gui or use heavyscript and select the RCON container; the following commands can be used.

A single command:

Terminal window
./rcon info

A interactive shell:

Terminal window

RCON Commands

/Shutdown {Seconds} {MessageText}Gracefully shuts down server with an optional timer and/or message to notify players in your server.
/DoExitForcefully shuts down the server immediately. It is not recommended to use this option
/Broadcast {MessageText}Broadcasts a message to all players in the server.
/KickPlayer {PlayerUID or SteamID}Kicks player from the server. Useful for getting a player’s attention with moderation.
/BanPlayer {PlayerUID or SteamID}Bans player from the server. The Player will not be able to rejoin the server until they are unbanned.
/ShowPlayersShows information on all connected players.
/InfoShows server information.
/SaveSave the world data to disk.

In-Game Only Commands

/TeleportToPlayer {PlayerUID or SteamID}Immediately teleport to the target player.
/TeleportToMe {PlayerUID or SteamID}Immediately teleports target player to you.