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Installation Guide

TrueNAS SCALE Installation Hints

Here’s an example of a default installation of zigbee2mqtt. Pay particular attention to the section “Configure Mount USB Devices” to configure the USB adapter to your container as those two paths should match.

Application Configuration

Enter MQTT User, MQTT Password if necessary, as this will override the specific value of config file. Leave empty if you plan to use custom config or you don’t have set a user on your MQTT broker.

For MQTT Server Internal DNS Cluster IP can be used (default) of mqtt://mosquitto.ix-mosquitto.svc.cluster.local or you can use the external IP.

config1 config1 config2 config3 config4 config5

Mount USB Devices

Make sure Enable the Storage is Checked and enter your USB device by ID as per below, in this example we use /dev/serial/by-id/usb-ithead_SONOFF


This guide should prevent one of the following error messages: error message 1 error message 2