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Installation Notes

  • To set the variable App Base Url correctly:
    • If you are accessing it without ingress/domain -> http://IP:PORT.
    • If ingress is enabled, set it to https://app.mydomain.tld.

  • To enable the mailer options just set Mailer Enabled to 1.
    • Set Mailer Host to the smtp service that you use, eg
    • Set Mailer Port to the smtp service port, eg 465, 587, etc.
    • Set Mailer Secure to true if you need SSL/HTTPS.
    • Set Mailer Auth User to email as the username.
    • Set Mailer Auth Password to your email’s password.
    • Set Mailer No Reply Name to whatever you want.
    • Set Mailer No Reply Email to the default email for no reply.