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Helm Quick-Start

Installing a Chart

If you want to install a chart using helm, lookup the name of the chart in our Chart list. Then, run this command to install it directly from our OCI repository:

Install Chart
helm install mychart oci://

Where CHARTNAME is the name of the chart you want to add and mychart is the name you want it to have on your system.

We highly suggest your write your customisations and user specific options in your own values.yaml file. After which, you can install the chart with your user-specific settings applied using:

Install Chart With Settings
helm install mychart oci:// -f values.yaml

values.yaml can be replaced with a path of your choice.

We also advise users to specify separate namespaces for deployed charts using:

Chart Namespaces
helm install mychart oci:// -f values.yaml -n NAMESPACE

Where NAMESPACE is the namespace you want to deploy to.

For more information, please see the Helm install docs

Upgrading Charts

To upgrade either the chart version and/or the user-defined settings for an already-installed Helm chart you can use “helm upgrade”. While this does not actually update the chart version, it does update the user settings supplied via the values.yaml file specified above.

Chart Upgrades
helm upgrade oci:// -f values.yaml -n NAMESPACE

For more information, please see the Helm upgrade docs

Using KubeApps

KubeApps offers an easy-to-use GUI to simply pick a chart from the list and enter/adapt the YAML, check it out!

Minimal Getting Started Setup

Install the following charts with default values.yaml if not already installed:

To configure MetalLB, you will need to also add metallb-config and adapt it to your own needs.

Getting started using Charts with your own Domain

Important Charts

MetalLB installation


This step is mandatory if you don’t intend to use another LoadBalancer. We have a full guide explaining the setup on the MetalLB-Config Setup Guide page on how to setup MetalLB. Please refer to that page for more info before continuing.

Prometheus and CNPG system app installations

Prometheus CNPG

Many of the popular TrueCharts charts rely on Prometheus Operator and Cloudnative-PG Operator to be installed PRIOR to installing another chart that may rely on functionality these operators provide. If you’re unsure if you’re using any TrueCharts charts that require Prometheus or CNPG functionality, we advise you install these charts first anyway before attempting to then install any other charts.

Here is a list of charts that rely on CNPG functionality. If you intend to deploy any of these charts, you must install the Cloudnative-PG Operator chart first as above.

Traefik installation for Ingress / Reverse-Proxy support with TrueCharts Charts


Traefik is our “ingress” or “reverse-proxy” solution of choice and is integrated into all our charts in order to make it as easy as possible to secure your charts. To support this, we supply a separate Traefik “ingress” app, which has been pre-configured to provide secure and fast connections. Please check the Traefik How-To for basic instructions and a video as well.

An optional but extra function enabled by Traefik and supported by many Truecharts Charts like Nextcloud, is the ability to use a middleware to use your charts remotely. You can setup a basicAuth middleware using our guide Add Traefik Basic Auth to Charts.

Cert-Manager (operator) and Clusterissuer installation for certificate management


TrueCharts only supports the usage of Cert-Manager (both the operator portion and the main clusterissuer) for certificate management inside charts. We highly recommend setting up clusterissuer using our clusterissuer setup-guide before adding Ingress to your applications.

Blocky DNS provider for split-DNS installation and guide


Blocky is the optional, but preferred DNS solution for TrueCharts. It’s a DNS proxy, DNS enhancer and ad-blocker which supports “split-DNS” through K8S-Gateway and is highly-available. The Blocky Setup-Guide will cover basic setup options which will get you up and running and is not all inclusive.