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Nextcloud Backup, Restore and Migration Guide

This guide can will walk through the process of backing up and existing Nextcloud installation and how to restore or migrate that installation. This guide utilize HostPath or NFS for UserData.


Backup Database

If you have not already done so install PGAdmin and the script

  1. Run the script and take note of the connection info

    List Database Info


  2. Add Nextcloud to PGAdmin using the connection info from previous step. pgadmin-connection1 pgadmin-connection2

  3. Backup Nextcloud database. pgadmin-backup

Backup User Data

If you are using HostPath of NFS for UserData then no further action is required. If you are using PVC for UserData then you will first need to mount your Nextcloud PVC and copy your UserData to a new dataset.


Remove Old AppData

This step is not required but to have a clean installation remove all UserData folder and files that are not user folders.

List Files
ls -la


Verify User Data Permissions

Nextcloud uses apps for file ownership. Apply permissions as shown below to your User Data dataset.


Install Nextcloud

Install with a temporary admin user that you do not currently use for Nextcloud (ie. temp)

Setup Nextcloud User Data storage with your previous User Data dataset or the dataset you copied your User Data to.


Restore Database

  1. Stop the main pod of Nextcloud.

    Stop Main Pod of Nextcloud
    k3s kubectl scale deploy nextcloud -n ix-nextcloud --replicas=0
  2. Add Nextcloud to PGAdmin as guided in steps 1 and 2 here.

  3. In PGAdmin right click on the database and select restore as shown below. pgadmin-restore1

  4. Select the database backup you created previously. pgadmin-restore2

  5. Configure Data/Objects as shown below. pgadmin-restore3

  6. Configure Options as shown below and click restore. pgadmin-restore4

  7. Start the main pod of Nextcloud.

    Start Main Pod of Nextcloud
    k3s kubectl scale deploy nextcloud -n ix-nextcloud --replicas=1

OCC Commands

  1. Open a shell for the Nextcloud main pod as shown below. Ensure your are selecting the correct pod it should just say nextcloud for both Pods (followed by random characters only) and Containers as shown below. nextcloud-cli

  2. Run the following commands in the Nextcloud shell.

    Run Upgrade
    occ upgrade
    Turn On Maintenance Mode
    occ maintenance:mode --on
    Run Repair
    occ maintenance:repair
    Turn Off Maintenance Mode
    occ maintenance:mode --off
    title="Add Missing Database Indices
    occ db:add-missing-indices
    Scan All User Files
    occ files:scan --all

Delete Temporary User Data Folder

You may now remove the folder created during install for the temporary user that was configured.