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This is a quick how-to or setup-guide to use Zerotier using on your TrueNAS box. This can be applied to other systems but this specific guide is SCALE specific with the prerequisites.


Prerequisites (LAN access only)

For proper access to your local network (LAN), this chart requires two sysctl values set on your TrueNAS or system. For TrueNAS SCALE the way to change these values are inside System Settings then Advanced. On that screen you add the following two values:

  • net.ipv4.ip_forward
  • net.ipv4.conf.all.src_valid_mark

Set them to 1 and Enabled


Also prepare your Zerotier Network ID for your setup, easy to create and copy at

Zerotier Network ID

Zerotier Chart Setup

Ideally name your chart Zerotier but you can use any name here and leave defaults for Step 2

Global Pod Options

This section is hidden by default for TrueNAS SCALE but if you wish to use Host-Networking or create an interface inside TrueNAS SCALE (zerotier creates a network interface)

  • Click Expert - Pod Options
  • Click the checkbox for Host-Networking if it isn’t enabled

App Configuration

  • ZEROTIER_API_SECRET: Replaces the authtoken.secret before booting and allows you to manage the control socket’s authentication key
  • ZEROTIER_IDENTITY_PUBLIC: The identity.public file for zerotier-one. Use zerotier-idtool to generate one of these for you.
  • ZEROTIER_IDENTITY_SECRET: The identity.secret file for zerotier-one. Use zerotier-idtool to generate one of these for you.


Extra Args

If you wish to automatically join a specific Zerotier Network upon startup simply enter the Network-ID in this space. Note This is not required for the chart to run and may not always work.


Networking and Services

  • The default ports are fine for this chart, you shouldn’t need to port forward or open ports on your router.


  • You can also reach us using Discord for real-time feedback and support
  • If you found a bug in our chart, open a Github issue

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