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Setup Guide


  • Your ‘All integrations’ API key from your account on
  • Installation of the TrueCharts Catalog, starting here

Install Notifiarr inside TrueNAS SCALE

  • Select Apps inside the TrueNAS menu,

  • Then choose the Available Applications tab,

  • and search for notifiarr

  • Click the Install button, and you’ll be prompted to set up Notifiarr.

  • Most of the settings can be left at the default values, but ensure to add in your API key

  • Take note of the default port (5454) that Notifiarr is listening on.

Notifiarr Initial Setup

For your first time log in, use the username admin and the API key you configured as the password.

After you log in, navigate to admin -> Profile. Input your API key as the current password and type in a new password in the new password field. Save your changes.


  • You can also reach us using Discord for real-time feedback and support
  • If you found a bug in our chart, open a Github issue
  • For further information on operating Notifiarr itself, start with their Quick Start Guide.