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Recovering CNPG Apps after Reboot

Apps with a PostgreSQL database that were updated to the new CNPG common sometimes don’t survive a reboot of TrueNAS Scale. The App then hangs on DEPLOYING and pods are in state Completed or TaintToleration.


If you have rebooted and your Apps are hanging on DEPLOYING, check if you see pods in state Completed or TaintToleration and the apps main pod in state Init with the command k3s kubectl get all -n ix-<app-name>.

Terminal window
k3s kubectl get all -n ix-home-assistant
pod/home-assistant-cnpg-main-1 0/1 TaintToleration 0 12h
pod/home-assistant-cnpg-main-2 0/1 TaintToleration 0 12h
pod/home-assistant-85865456d5-tc8h4 0/1 TaintToleration 0 12h
pod/home-assistant-85865456d5-kl96x 0/1 Init:0/2 0 12h
k3s kubectl get all -n ix-home-assistant
pod/home-assistant-cnpg-main-2 0/1 Completed 0 22m
pod/home-assistant-cnpg-main-rw-df9bcbccc-s8z2n 0/1 Completed 0 23m
pod/home-assistant-cnpg-main-rw-df9bcbccc-ptltn 0/1 Completed 0 23m
pod/home-assistant-cnpg-main-rw-df9bcbccc-jbbcj 1/1 Running 0 12m
pod/home-assistant-5867d984d9-gfznd 0/1 Completed 0 23m
pod/home-assistant-cnpg-main-1 0/1 Completed 0 23m
pod/home-assistant-cnpg-main-rw-df9bcbccc-q2w2d 1/1 Running 0 12m
pod/home-assistant-5867d984d9-vcp6x 0/1 Init:0/2 0 12m

Logs from the cnpg-wait container in the main app pod show something like this:

Terminal window
Testing database on url: home-assistant-cnpg-main-rw
home-assistant-cnpg-main-rw:5432 - no response

Recovery Steps

To recover your app, you need to first stop it (do not click the Stop button!), delete the hanging pods and then restart the app.

  1. Stop the app either by checking “Stop All” in the app settings or with HeavyScript via the SCALE GUI Shell as below
Terminal window
heavyscript app --stop <app-name>`
  1. Wait 2-3min

  2. Delete any still hanging pods with the below command

Terminal window
k3s kubectl delete pods -n ix-<app-name> <pod name>`
e.g. k3s kubectl delete pods -n ix-home-assistant home-assistant-85865456d5-tc8h4
  1. Start the app either by unchecking “Stop All” in the app settings or with HeavyScript as below
Terminal window
heavyscript app --start <app-name>
  1. If you unchecked “Stop All” you might have to click the Start button on the GUI (Start is safe, Stop is NOT). There also might be a task that gets stuck in TrueNAS under Jobs (top right). You can get rid of those by restarting the TrueNAS GUI with the below command
Terminal window
systemctl restart middlewared
  1. Wait 2-3 minutes

  2. Check that the app and all of its pods are running. In the third paragraph there should be no deployment.apps with 0 AVAILABLE

Terminal window
k3s kubectl get all -n ix-home-assistant`
deployment.apps/home-assistant-cnpg-main-rw 0/0 0 0 14h
deployment.apps/home-assistant 1/1 1 1 14h
  1. You can scale them up manually to 1 replica or if it’s a cnpg-main-rw pod you might want 2 replicas
Terminal window
k3s kubectl scale deploy <deployment.apps-name> -n ix-<app-name> --replicas=1
e.g. k3s kubectl scale deploy home-assistant-cnpg-main-rw -n ix-home-assistant --replicas=2


Thanks to Zasx from the TrueCharts team for the steps used to create this guide.