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Installation Notes

How to setup FireZone.

Web Configuration

  • Set a External Url to a valid FQDN; https://app.mydomain.tld.
  • Set a Trusted Proxies a single IP for your traefik instance(s) on each box.

Admin Configuration

  • Keep Reset Admin On Boot true.
  • Set a Default Email and a Default Password to login into the web GUI.

Devices Configuration

Most configuration can be left default here but some you want to change.

  • Set Default Client MTU to a size that works for your network, default is 1280.

  • Set Client Endpoint to any of the following, if using a domain it needs to resolve to your public IP so it can not be proxied on CloudFlare. firezone-dns-only

    • publicIP:WG_PORT
    • app.domain.tld:WG_PORT
    • domain.tld:WG_PORT
  • Set Client DNS to just your local DNS server to have a working split dns within your vpn.

  • Set Client Allowed Ips to a range of IPs.

    • will resolved everything.
    • appsIP/32 will resolve just the app domains only.