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Installation Notes


  • Please create an app in
  • Set the trakt app name to whatever you like for ex: plaxt.
  • Optionally set an icon, you can download this icon.
  • Set the redirect uri to for ex (must end with /authorize):
  • https://my_public_ip:8000/authorize.
  • Set the option /scrobble to true.
  • Copy both the Client ID and Secret as you will need both to setup the plaxt chart in the next section.

Plaxt Setup

  • Set TRAKT_ID with your custom app’s client id.

  • Set TRAKT_SECRET with your app’s client secret.

  • After launching the chart it will ask you to add your plex username in Step 1.

  • Click the authorize button to authorize your custom app aka plaxt with

  • If successful, you will be given a generated webhook to add to plex in Step 2.

  • Go to plex -> settings -> webhooks -> add the webhook.

  • Profit.


  • This chart depends on plex webhooks which is a Plex Pass feature.
  • The upstream project is no longer in development as Trakt has official support for Plex Webhooks.