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Virtual Machine on UnRaid

Downloading Talos

  1. Obtain the Talos ISO here by pasting the link into your web browser

  2. Once download copy the isos into the shares folder

shares folder

Creating the VM

  1. Start by clicking the Add VM button under the VM Tab

Add VM

  1. Now click the Linux button


  1. Supply a name for your new VM

  2. Edit memory to supply at least a minimum memory value of 8192 with the recommended value being 16384 Megabytes or more

  3. Select the OS install ISO by selecting the Talos ISO we download before

Talos ISO image

  1. Set the disk space to 500GB or 1000GB. Keep the remainder as the default.

disk space

  1. Once the VM has been created, select the VM and then settings


  1. For the Network Source section virbr0:

Network Source

  1. Now click Create