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This is a quick how-to or setup-guide to run Docusaurus on your own server. This can be applied to other systems but this specific guide is made on TrueNAS SCALE and screenshots are provided from that system.


None necessary, a domain name is recommended for usage but not required.

Docusaurus Chart Setup

Container Configuration

  • Enter Docusaurus or Website Name
  • Docusaurus Default Template is generally classic unless you’ve manually installed another
  • Choose Production mode or Development mode


Networking and Services

  • Leave defaults unless using Ingress then ClusterIP is recommended

Storage and Persistance

  • This chart uses PVC for storage as most of our charts do for Storage. However some may want to edit certain files or directories more often. This can be done with Configure Additional Storage.
    • Click Add under Configure App Additional Storage
    • Add the Host Path of the folder you wish to use
    • Use the Mount Path of the folder you wish to have accessible. For example /docusaurus/website/docs mounts the files inside the /docs of the standard Docusaurus website.



Recommended for use with a domain name but not required as mentioned above. You can refer to our Quick-Start Guides for an overview on using Ingress with your chart.


  • If you need more details or have a more custom setup the documentation on the upstream is very complete so check the descriptions of the options there.
  • You can also reach us using Discord for real-time feedback and support
  • If you found a bug in our chart, open a Github issue

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