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System Requirements

All of the below recommendations assume the TrueNAS system in question is not used for anything other than running apps and storage. Adding VMs, network shares or other services may significantly increase overall system requirements.

Minimum System Specifications

Systems complying with these minimum specifications will be able to run some of our apps and will likely be limited to just a few at the same time. Experiences in terms of performance and which apps work may vary.

CPU: 4 Physical Cores

RAM: 16GB+

GPU: None

Apps Storage: 250GB HDD apps Pool with a supporting SSD metadata/8K-smallblocks “special” VDEV or 250GB+ SSD apps Pool.

Systems complying with these recommended specifications will likely be able to run almost any app we offer and likely many at the same time, depending on system load and the specific apps in deployment.

CPU: 8 Physical Cores

RAM: 32GB+

GPU: Intel iGPU (some Nvidia and AMD GPUs are supported, albeit with potential caveats)

Apps Storage: 1TB+ SSD-based apps pool or HDD with a supporting SSD metadata/16K-smallblocks special VDEV.