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TT-RSS Installation Notes


TT-RSS will create a user (named admin) on first run. If no password is given in the TTRSS Admin User Pass field, then a password is automatically generated and printed to the app’s logs. Otherwise the password entered in that field will be used.

Be warned that if the app restarts before collecting the automatically generated password, it may be rotated out of the logs and the app will require re-installing to set and print a new password.

To reach the automatically generated password, select the tt-rss app in TrueNAS’s Applications list. Under Workloads click the View Logs icon beside the tt-rss container. In the dialog that pops up, there will be several containers, look for the one without -cnpg, -nginx, or -updater in the name. The password log section will look like this:

* Setting initial built-in admin user password to '$RANDOM_PASS' *
* If you want to set it manually, use ADMIN_USER_PASS environment variable. *

Configuring path and URL

TT-RSS has defaults which expect it to be installed and reachable at a url ending in /tt-rss/ (e.g. This SCALE app comes with adjusted defaults that eliminate this ending portion (e.g.

If an advanced user wishes to alter the app path, use the App Web Root Path and App Base Path fields to do so. Read more here:

Install to subdomain with traefik + ingress

  • Set TTRSS Self URL Path to https://subdomain.scale_domain.tld/.
    • Configure ingress on the app

Install to IP address

  • Set TTRSS Self URL Path to http://SCALE_IP:APP_PORT/.
    • Ensure the app’s port is set to LoadBalancer to allow external browsers to reach it.