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Installation Notes

The location of STServer.ini

It will be located in the internal directory: /home/server/config

Editing STServer.ini

The default STServer.ini config file will look like this:

sLogLevel=info # Logs everything
bConsole=true # Enables interactive console is enabled or not
bAnnounceServer=true # Makes it show on the global server list
fGoldLossFactor=0 # Disables players losing gold on deaths
bEnablePvp=true # Enables PVP
bEnableGreetings=false # Disables NPCs greeting
uDifficulty=5 # Setting the difficulty level at Legendary
bAllowMO2=true # Allows using ModOrganizer2
bAllowSKSE=true # Allows SKSE
bEnableModCheck=false # Disables verifying connecting users loadorder.txt (more on that later)
sPassword=mySuperServerPassword # Setting the password to mySuperServerPassword
sAdminPassword=thisdoesntmatter # Setting the admin password to thisdoesntmatter
sServerName=My Very Best Server # Setting the server name to be "My Very Best Server"
bPremiumMode=true # Setting the tickrate to 60
uPort=10578 # Setting the port to 10578 (important!)

for more info checkout the source guide