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Virtual Machine on Proxmox

Downloading Talos

  1. Login to Proxmox, select a node, then select a storage repository (e.g. local)

  2. Select ISO Images and then select Download from URL

  3. Paste the Talos Linux Image link here into the URL field

  4. Select Query URL then name the file taloslinux.iso

download iso

Creating the VM

  1. Select the blue button Create VM

  2. Enter a VM ID (e.g. 401) and name of talos


  1. Select Next to configure the OS

  2. Select taloslinux.iso for ISO image


  1. Select Next to configure the system

  2. Check the box for Qemu Agent

  3. Select BIOS and choose OVMF (UEFI)

  4. Select EFI Storage and choose a storage repository (e.g. local-zfs)

  5. Select SCSI Controller by choosing VirtIO SCSI single

  6. If you have a dedicated graphics card select it from the list in Graphic card


  1. Select Next to configure disks

  2. Select a storage repository (e.g. local-zfs)

  3. Set the disk size to 500 or 1000

  4. If using an SSD, then for the cache select Write back and check the box for Discard


  1. Select Next to configure CPUs

  2. Select the sockets (e.g. 1) and amount of cores to be one less than the total available processor threads (e.g. if you have a 6 core processor with HyperThreading then there are 12 available threads and the value should be 11.)


  1. Select Next to configure memory

  2. The minimum memory value should be 8192 and the recommended value is 16384 or more Megabytes


  1. Select Next to configure network

  2. Select a bridge such as the default vmbr0. Optionally add a VLAN tag


  1. Select Next to confirm

  2. Review settings and optionally select the box for Start after created then select Finish.