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Installation Notes

  • Create a discord bot here.

  • Enable Intents else bot will not DM users after they get the role.

  • Invite the bot with Administrator permission.

  • In your discord server run the following commands in any channel that the bot has access to, you will be DM by the bot for the reply:

  • .setupplex

    • Authenticate with your plex username | email | token and password.
  • .roleadd @role

    • This is the role that will trigger the bot to get the email from the user and invite them to Plex.
  • .setuplibs

    • By default when a user is invited to plex they will have access to all Libraries. However you can bypass that with the above command.
      • a comma separated list. Remember this is case sensitive. No spaces before or after comma. Example: Animes,Movies,Tv Shows.