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Installation Notes

  • Follow the prerequisite guides below before attempting Ring-MQTT installation.

MQTT setup

  • I used the chart called mosquitto install it as normal and set Authentication to true. here’s the auth guide.

Ring-MQTT setup

Go to http://SCALE_IP:55123.

  • Set MQTT Url to mqtt://@mosquitto.ix-mosquitto.svc.cluster.local:1883 if not using mqtt auth or set the user/pass in the url like so: mqtt://USER:[email protected]:1883
  • Set LiveStream User to user_name for the RTSP user.
  • Set LiveStream Password to user_pass for the RTSP user.
  • Leave Disarm Code blank.
  • Set Enable Cameras to true to enable cameras.
  • Set Enable Modes to false to disable location modes.
  • Set Enable Panic to false to disable panic button.
  • Set Hass Topic to homeassistant/status for the topic to monitor for Home Assistant restarts.
  • Leave Location Ids blank.

Home-assistant setup

  • Install the chart home-assistant if you have not done so.

  • In home-assistant go to settings -> devices & integrations -> click add integration -> search for mqtt.

  • Set broker to mosquitto.ix-mosquitto.svc.cluster.local.

  • Set port to 1883.

  • Set username and password to the MQTT auth user and pass.

  • Set the MQTT options as needed.

  • Shell into home-assistant, use or other means to modify the file /config/configuration.yaml.

  • Add the following code.

ring_snap: "ffmpeg -y -i {{RTSP_URL}} -vframes 1 {{fileDirName}}"
  • Create a new dir called www in /config/.

  • Validate home-assistant configuration in developer tools and if passes; click on restart to use the service ring_snap in automations.

  • Here’s a sample on how to create a live snapshot automation.

  • This will override the previous image if saved as /config/www/snapshot.jpg

service: shell_command.ring_snap
RTSP_URL: "{{ states.sensor.front_door_info.attributes.stream_Source }}"
fileDirName: "/config/www/snapshot.jpg"
  • Note: You must save the file in /config/www/ or set the option to allow other dirs for home-assistant to be used.

  • Now you can create a live snapshot automation in home-assistant.