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Initial Password

As of qBittorrent 4.6.1 the default password of adminadmin is no longer used. If you previously used this password or are completing a new installation of qBittorent you will now have a randomly generated password. This guide will show you how to locate this randomly generated password.

  1. With qBittorent selected in the application window select the logs button. qbittorrent-logs
  2. In the Choose Pod windows ensure the qBittorent Pod and Container is selected and click Choose. qbittorent-logs2
  3. In the Information section of the logs take note of the randomly generated password. qbittorent-password
  4. Use the randomly generated password to login to the WebUI. You must change it in the qBittorent settings after you login as it will generate a new random password each time qBittorent is started until a password is set.