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Community App Catalog for TrueNAS SCALE

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TrueCharts is a catalog of highly optimised TrueNAS SCALE Apps. Made for the community, By the community!

Our primary goals are:

  • Micro-Service Centered

  • Native Kubernetes

  • Stability

  • Consistency

All our apps are supposed to work together, be easy to setup using the TrueNAS UI and, above all, give the average user more than enough options to tune things to their liking.

Getting started using TrueCharts


Installing TrueCharts within TrueNAS SCALE, is possible using the TrueNAS SCALE Catalog list.

For more information:


Please check our FAQ, manual and Issue tracker There is a significant chance your issue has been reported before!

Still something not working as expected? Contact us! and we'll figure it out together!


For big changes we do have a roadmap, every spot on the roadmap is synced to a TrueNAS SCALE Release and should be read as "Should be added at or before this release"

Documentation, MetalLB and External-DNS - TrueNAS SCALE "Angelfish" RELEASE

While preparing for the formal release of TrueNAS SCALE, we still have some things to polish

Multi-Pod support for Common - TrueNAS SCALE "Bluefin" 22.xx ALPHA 1

Our current common library is not fully supporting with multi-pod containers, while we cannot add everything we should support some basic multi-pod containers on common.

Finish Prometheus Support - TrueNAS SCALE "Bluefin" 22.xx ALPHA 2

By this date it would be about a year after we first started considering adding Prometheus support, it's time to add metrics exporters to as many apps as we can.

Mail server - TrueNAS SCALE "Bluefin" 22.xx BETA 1

Great mail-server deployments require support for multi-pod containers, high availability and a solid backend. By this date, all those boxes should start to become checked and we should check the "mail server" box as well


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Our development process is fully distributed and agile, so every chart-maintainer is free to set their own roadmap and development speed and does not have to comply to a centralised roadmap. This ensures freedom and flexibility for everyone involved and makes sure you, the end user, always has the latest and greatest of every App installed.

Getting into creating Apps

Creating charts takes some getting used to, as it's based on Helm charts. We highly suggest prior know-how on creation/modifying Helm Charts, before taking on the challenge of creating SCALE Apps.

For more information on creating SCALE Apps and Helm charts, please check out our development manual

Automation and you

We provide a lot of tools to make it easier to develop charts, templates, automated testing, automated fixes, automated docs. Even automated update is included. We also actively try to collaborate with other k8s community projects on tooling, for the betterment of all!

Those tools do, however, take time to develop and are certainly not bug free. If you find mistakes in our tooling, please feel free to repost issues or submit any fixes you feel appropriate!

Contact and Support


To contact the TrueCharts project:

A lot of our work is based on the great effort of others. We would love to extend special thanks to these projects we owe a lot to:

TrueNAS SCALE K8S-At-Home Traefik Authelia

Contributors ✨

All Contributors

Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Kjeld Schouten-Lebbing

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Justin Clift




Stavros Kois

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Troy Prelog

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Dan Sheridan


Sebastien Dupont




Luuk Nieuwdorp


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Dave Withnall




Aaron Johnson




Joachim Baten


Michael Yang


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Techno Tim


Mingyao Liu



💻 📖

Andrew Smith


Bob Klosinski




This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!



Truecharts as a whole, is based on a BSD-3-clause license, this ensures almost everyone can use and modify our charts. However: As a lot of Apps are based on upstream Helm Charts, Licences can vary on a per-App basis. This can easily be seen by the presence of a "LICENSE" file in the App root folder.

Some Apps may also contain parts in other licenses, such as libraries or templates, these files can be recognised by their individual headers.

SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause

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