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Nvidia Device Plugin Setup

Talos Linux Setup

Enable NVIDIA kernel modules

Before installing the device plugin, some initial steps need to be taken per Talos Documentation. Please make sure you have installed the correct system extensions through a combination of patches + the correct factory image for your use case.

example gpu-worker-patch.yaml

- name: nvidia
- name: nvidia_uvm
- name: nvidia_drm
- name: nvidia_modeset
net.core.bpf_jit_harden: 1

Quick Sanity Check

If running these commands does not produce similar output, you haven’t set up base system completely:

❯ talosctl read /proc/modules
nvidia_uvm 1482752 - - Live 0xffffffffc3b4e000 (PO)
nvidia_drm 73728 - - Live 0xffffffffc3b3b000 (PO)
nvidia_modeset 1290240 - - Live 0xffffffffc39dc000 (PO)
nvidia 56602624 - - Live 0xffffffffc03e0000 (PO)
❯ talosctl get extensions
NODE NAMESPACE TYPE ID VERSION NAME VERSION runtime ExtensionStatus 0 1 nonfree-kmod-nvidia 535.129.03-v1.6.7 runtime ExtensionStatus 2 1 nvidia-container-toolkit 535.129.03-v1.13.5 runtime ExtensionStatus 4 1 schematic a22f54cdf137d9d058e9a399adecf4bab2f3cc74b15b5bee00005811433e06b0 runtime ExtensionStatus modules.dep 1 modules.dep 6.1.82-talos

Create NVIDIA runtime class:

You will need to add this runtime class to pods you wish to add GPU resources to.

❯ cat <<EOF | kubectl apply -f -
kind: RuntimeClass
name: nvidia
handler: nvidia

Adding runtimeClass to pods with common

runtimeClassName: "nvidia"
containers: ...

Create nvidia-device-plugin namespace & enable privileged podsecurity

Note: This is only required if you want multiple GPU resources per physical GPU. If you are happy with 1 to 1 GPU to POD mapping, you can just create namespace, it won’t need privileges. You will need to turn off a setting below.

❯ kubectl create namespace nvidia-device-plugin
❯ kubectl label namespace nvidia-device-plugin

Install nvidia-device-plugin from kubeapps

There are notes in values.yaml, but the following defines how many resources are made per GPU:

- name:
replicas: 5

Note: If you do not want multigpu mapping, set replicas to 1 and change the following line to false.

enabled: true

Enable GPU in values.yaml

limits: 1