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Installation Notes

  • Create a Jwt Secret to be used to signed the JWT for Users-Permissions plugin.

  • Create a Admin Jwt Secret to be used to sign the JWT for the Admin panel.

  • Set App Keys as a json array:

    • ['keya', 'keyb'].
  • Set Node Environment to Development initially.

  • Optionally set Public URL to a FDQN with https, ex:

  • Optionally set Strapi License to activate the premium Edition.

  • Enable/Disable Strapi Disable Update Notifications for strapi update notifications.

  • Enable/Disable Fast Refresh for react near-instant feedback.

  • Extra Args can be left empty for the standard defaults or get args from strapi-new.

  • After the app is installed you might get a Content Security Policy error. To solve this you have to manually shell into the app.

    • Apps -> strapi -> 3 dot -> shell:

    • run the following command to build the admin panel for v4:

      Terminal window
      npm run build
  • Restart the app after the command is ran successfully.