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Installation instructions

In both Native Helm and TrueNAS Scale, keys that start with _ are unset.


TrueNAS Scale

In order to be able to expose some options in the GUI, but also give users the option to users to unset those values, instead of using our defaults. We decided to do the following.

We will unset every option (key) that has:

  • Stings: Empty (") value.
  • Arrays: Empty ([]) arrays.
  • Int: Value of -99. (That’s because both 0 and -1 is valid values on some options and empty int are not possible (at least now) in TrueNAS Scale GUI)

The above will only be applied when installed in TrueNAS Scale as an App

For SCALE users, you can add additional configuration options that are not exposed in the UI by using the Additional MeshCentral Configuration section.

For example to set this:

"settings": {
"sms": {
"provider": "twillio"

Set like this:

  • Key: settigns.sms.provider
  • Value: twillio

For lists:

"domains": {
"": {
"newAccoutnsRights": [

Set like this:

  • Key: domains."".newAccountsRights
  • Value: [ "item1", "item2" ]

Native Helm

Native Helm users won’t be affected with the above.

Hardcoded values

We hardcoded some values, so the chart/app can work correctly based on how it’s written. Those values are:

"$schema": "",
"settings": {
"mongoDB": "actual-generated-mongodb-url",
"mongoDbName": "actual-mongodb-name",
"sessionKey": "32char-long-random-generated-key",
"port": "to-the-same-port-as-your-main-service",
"selfUpdate": false,
"cleanNpmCacheOnUpdate": false
"domains": {
// This applies to ALL domains
"": {
"myServer": {
"Upgrade": false