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Accessing the TrueNAS SCALE Web GUI via Traefik

If you followed the instructions in Installing Traefik, your TrueNAS Web GUI will now be served on custom ports (port 81 and 444 in the video guide).

To access the TrueNAS Web GUI via Traefik on port 443, use the external-service app:

  1. Set External Service IP to the ip address of your TrueNAS server
  2. Set Port Type to HTTPS
  3. Set Service Port to the same value as Web Interface HTTPS Port in the TrueNAS GUI Settings (444 if you followed Installing Traefik)
  4. Setup Ingress according to guide 12 (set the Host and HostName values to e.g.

Now, Traefik will serve the TrueNAS Web GUI over HTTPS on Ensure your DNS points to the ip address of your TrueNAS server.

To check if you setup everything correctly, compare your settings to the settings in this screenshot:

Screenshot with External Service settings overview

Once your External Service is deployed, you can get this overview by choosing “Edit” from the External Service menu (three dots).