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Version: 7.1.3 Type: application AppVersion: master

Sia is a decentralized cloud storage platform that radically alters the landscape of cloud storage. By leveraging smart contracts, client-side encryption, and sophisticated redundancy (via Reed-Solomon codes), Sia allows users to safely store their data with hosts that they do not know or trust. The result is a cloud storage marketplace where hosts compete to offer the best service at the lowest price. And since there is no barrier to entry for hosts, anyone with spare storage capacity can join the network and start making money.

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General Info

TrueCharts can be installed as both normal Helm Charts or as TrueNAS SCALE Apps. Both solutions are fully supported, but we heavily advice the use of normal Helm Charts where possible

For more information about this Chart, please check the docs on the TrueCharts website

This chart is not maintained by the upstream project and any issues with the chart should be raised here


Helm-Chart installation

To install TrueCharts Helm charts using Helm, you can use our OCI Repository.

helm install mychart oci://

For more information on how to install TrueCharts Helm charts, checkout the instructions on the website


For more information on how to use TrueCharts as TrueNAS SCALE Apps, please checkout the quick-start guides for TrueNAS SCALE.

Chart Specific Guides and information

All our charts have dedicated documentation pages. The documentation for this chart can be found here:

Configuration Options

Please note: For TrueNAS SCALE, only options available in the GUI are supported. Hence most of these docs do not apply to TrueNAS SCALE

To view the chart specific options, please view Values.yaml included in the chart. The most recent version of which, is available here:

All our Charts use a shared “common” library chart that contains most of the templating and options. For the complete overview of all available options, please checkout the documentation for them on the common docs on our website

For information about the common chart and all defaults included with it, please review its values.yaml file available here:


TrueCharts can only exist due to the incredible effort of our staff. Please consider making a donation or contributing back to the project any way you can!

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