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Installation Notes

Our chart by default runs on internal port 443 however those not running Ingress may run into issues with other processes requesting port 443.

The Solution

  • Click Advanced Settings
  • Change Target Port to 8043 to match the external port as below


Finding APs / Omada Discovery Utility

By default the omada-controller chart doesn’t support discovery by APs on the same network.

The solution

  • One must use the Omada Discovery Utility and point APs to your omada-controller.
  • Please follow the directions on the TP-Link Website to download and use this utility. They have a nice FAQ that may be of use.


DHCP Option 138

As well, the Omada-Controller supports using DHCP to inform your APs of the location of the controller. This can be done using the Omada software or another DHCP server such as OPNsense. This has been tested by users (see TP-Link Reddit for more info) but there’s a reference guide available in the official Omada SDN Software Controller users guide.