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Setup Guide

Jellyseerr is a free and open source software application for managing requests for your media library. It is a fork of Overseerr built to bring support for Jellyfin & Emby media servers!


  • Jellyseerr TrueCharts Chart
  • Jellyfin TrueCharts Chart
  • Installation of the TrueCharts Catalog, starting here

Install Jellyseerr inside TrueNAS SCALE

  • Select Apps inside the TrueNAS menu,
  • Then choose the Available Applications tab,
  • and search for jellyseerr

Search Jellyseer

  • Click the Install button, and you’ll be prompted to set up the Jellyseer software.
  • Most of the settings can be left at the default values, but ensure you select the correct timezone before scrolling down to the Networking and Services section. Take note of the default port (10241) that Jellyseerr listens on.

Scroll to the bottom of the window and click Save.

Once you hit Save, the process of downloading and setting up Jellyseerr will begin. Switch back to the Installed Applications tab, and wait for the application to switch from Deploying to Active - once it does, click the Open button to launch the Jellyseerr welcome portal.

Jellyseerr Initial Setup

  • Select “Use your Jellyfin account” and fill in your Jellyfin URL, Email address
  • Define a user to be used for administrative purposes in Jellyseerr and click next.


  • Sync your libraries automatically and enable any libaries you want Jellyseer to be able to access.
  • Perform a manual scan and click next after it finishes.


  • Configure your existing Sonarr/Radarr services you wants to use and click “Finish Setup”.


  • You can also reach us using Discord for real-time feedback and support
  • If you found a bug in our chart, open a Github issue
  • For further information on Jellyseerr itself, start with their Github.
  • For further information on operating Overseerr itself, start with their Documentation.