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Installation Guide


  • Set RWA USERNAME to any username for the web interface, defaults to admin.
  • Set RWA PASSWORD to a secure password for the web interface.
  • Set RWA RCON PASSWORD to the password for the initial RCON server to control.


  • Set RWA ADMIN to true to make the initial user a admin.
  • Set RWA ENV to true to use env variables. Setting this to false will use all default values.
  • Set RWA_WEB_RCON to true to enable web rcon if supported by the game server
  • Set RWA_READ_ONLY_WIDGET_OPTIONS to true to prevent the initial user changing options in the widget options tab
  • Set RWA GAME to a game such as minecraft | rust | csgo | other.
  • Set RWA SERVER NAME to a custom name for the initial server.
  • Set RWA RCON HOST To the initial RCON server IP to control. Cluster URL may work, but was not tested.
  • Set RWA RCON PORT To the port number of the initial RCON server to control.
  • Set RWA_RESTRICT_COMMANDS to prevent the initial user user executing these commands
  • Set RWA_RESTRICT_WIDGETS to hide this list of widgets from the initial user


  • It’s assumed that all game servers or services have secure passwords for RCON, blank or no passwords at all will NOT work and its advisable to set a secure password for both the web interface of this chart and also the rcon service too.