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Adding Service

What is a service?

Services are all sorts of ports that you want to add to your chart.

How to Setup

To setup a service, add the following section to the values.yaml manually and adapt as needed. You can also add multiple ports to a single service.

The type can be both Loadbalancer and ClusterIP depending on your needs.

enabled: true
# only needed for loadBalancer
loadBalancerIP: ""
type: "LoadBalancer"
enabled: true
port: 8080
targetPort: 80
# http is set by default so can be skipped
# protocol: http
enabled: true
port: 9090
targetPort: 90
protocol: tcp

In most charts there are already predefined services. You can change them to your needs (e.g. Loadbalancer/ClusterIP) as well as adding additional ones. Just make sure to choose a unique name.

Service requirements

Please be aware that most apps already have a primary service named main and at least 1 primary is required. It’s also important to note that all services added by the end user should set enabled on all ports and services to true.

More info

For more info, check out the common-chart service options