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This manual contains general information on working with TrueCharts Charts using Helm directly. As well as when editing Helm Yaml for tools like FluxCD, KubeApps and Rancher


Helm is our one-and-only “first tier” platform, everything is based on Helm itself and hence everything is most thorougly tested on Helm. We always advice using a first-tier or second-tier platform.

Installing a Chart

If you want to install a chart using helm, lookup the name of the chart in our Chart list. Afterwards run this command to install it directly from our OCI repository:

helm install mychart oci://

Where “CHARTNAME” is the name of the chart you want to add and “mychart” is the name you want it to have on your system

We would highly suggest your write your customisations and user specific options in your own values.yaml file. After which you can install the chart with your user specific settings using:

helm install mychart oci:// -f values.yaml

where values.yaml can be replaced with a path of your choice

We would also advice users to specifiy seperate namespaces for deployed charts using:

helm install mychart oci:// -f values.yaml -n NAMESPACE

where NAMESPACE is the namespace you want to deploy to

For more information, please see the Helm docs:

Upgrading charts

To upgrade either the chart version and/or the user-defined settings for a, already installed, Helm chart you can use “helm upgrade”. While this does not actually update the chart version, it does update the user settings supplied via the values.yaml file specified above

helm upgrade oci:// -f values.yaml -n NAMESPACE

For more information, please see the Helm docs:

Using KubeApps

KubeApps offers an easy-to-use GUI to just pick a chart from the list and enter/adapt the YAML, check it out!