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TrueCharts News

February 2023 Staff Changes

TrueCharts is proud to announce some exciting changes to our core team in light of our rapidly growing project. With the growing needs of our community, we have decided to switch positions for two of our team members, @JagrBombs (Steven) and @mintyCrackers.

@mintyCrackers will now take on the role of Community Manager, where they will be responsible for fostering a positive and productive environment for our users. Meanwhile, @JagrBombs (Steven) will now serve as Head Moderator, bringing their technical expertise to the forefront of our moderation efforts.

In addition to these changes, we are thrilled to welcome a new member to our core team, XStar aka “The Noob”. XStar will be joining us as Support Manager and will also be the maintainer of the Incubator train.

With these changes, we are confident that we can take TrueCharts beyond even our wildest dreams. We believe that these additions will not only bring fresh perspectives and new ideas, but also help us better serve and support our community.

Thank you for your continued support of TrueCharts, and stay tuned for more exciting updates in the future!

Meet Jellyfin, OpenSource Media Server

As Linus TechTips recently discovered, Jellyfin is a fantastic solution for watching your media from anywhere and our app makes it incredibly easy to install on TrueNAS SCALE.

With the popularity of Jellyfin on the rise, iX-Systems has put together a great guide for setting it up on TrueNAS SCALE using our TrueCharts App. The guide provides step-by-step instructions for getting started with Jellyfin, making it simple for anyone to enjoy their media collection from anywhere. The guide can be found here

At TrueCharts, we are big supporters of open-source software, and believe it is essential to the continued growth and advancement of technology. Jellyfin is no exception, and we encourage users to contribute to the Jellyfin project by visiting their Github repository or donating to their cause through their Open Collective.

The same goes for TrueCharts. Open-source projects like TrueCharts can only survive with the support of its users. If you would like to show your support for TrueCharts, you can donate to our project through Patreon or through our website

Together, we can continue to advance the world of open-source software and provide users with the tools they need to enjoy their media collections from anywhere. Try out our Jellyfin App for TrueNAS SCALE today and see for yourself how easy it is to get started.

Traefik, Prometheus and Grafana moved to Enterprise Train

We’re started the process of moving some more of the core parts of TrueCharts to our Enterprise train. These Apps are important for most of our users and should get the priority treatment the Enterprise Train is known for. This also means users would be required to reinstall these Apps and they will not be available in the stable train anymore. We’re sorry for the added inconvenience, but we’re quite certain that this choice is going to serve our users best in the long term.

Our plans for the Enterprise train are still going strong:

When we deem TrueNAS SCALE Apps “ready for production use”, the Enterprise train will come with Paid support and much additional documentation for each of its Apps. Until that time, it will still be “just another train” and will contain Apps that are very important to the TrueCharts project as a whole.

Happy 2023, Another year of TrueCharts

Happy 2023 everyone! We hope you had a great holiday season and are ready for a productive and successful 2023. As we start the new year, we wanted to announce that we have dropped support for TrueNAS SCALE 22.02 “Angelfish” completely and will only support TrueNAS SCALE 22.12 “BlueFin” moving forward.

Looking back at the past year, we are thrilled to see the tremendous growth of the TrueCharts project. In 2022, our Discord community grew from barely 1000 members to over 5200, and our project donations increased from just 50 euros a month to more than 250 euros a month. We also saw a significant increase in Github stars and the number of apps we offer.

As we look ahead to 2023, we have big plans for the TrueCharts project. Our goal is to reach 10,000 Discord members and offer 1000 apps by the end of the year. We also hope to increase our project donations to 500 euros per month and use these funds more proactively by offering bounties for much-wanted work on the project. Additionally, we will be putting more time and effort into (video) documentation and have almost completed a full refactor of our Common Chart.

Overall, we are excited for the opportunities and potential that 2023 holds for the TrueCharts project. Thank you for your continued support and we can’t wait to see what the new year brings.

TrueTool, Refreshed

We are excited to announce that we have completely reworked our “TrueTool” tool to improve its functionality and reliability.

For those unfamiliar with TrueTool, it is a tool that helps users with bulk-updating of Apps and provides easy access to “hidden” features of TrueNAS SCALE, such as enabling “apt” and “helm” commands.

With the latest update, TrueTool now contains multiple hot-patches that fix migration and backup issues on TrueNAS SCALE 22.12 “bluefin”. It also includes improvements for slower systems with lots of Apps, as well as the removal of colors that were not looking nice in email output.

Many of these changes were made possible thanks to the HeavyScript project, which was started by former staff member “HeavyBullets” in 2022. The HeavyScript project has made numerous improvements to the original (then python-based) TrueTool code, and we have made sure to port as many of these changes back to TrueTool to ensure that all of our users can benefit from them.

Thanks to all these changes, TrueTool is now more reliable than ever and will continue to provide solid updates and backups for our users. We hope that you will find TrueTool to be an invaluable tool for managing your TrueNAS SCALE system as well.