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TrueCharts News

Small SCALE Changes

There have been some minor changes to how some things are done on SCALE. None of them will require a reinstall and the migration steps are not going to cause any likely breakage.


Nextcloud has moved to the enterprise train. To migrate from stable to enterprise train versions, run the following command in SCALE terminal: k3s kubectl patch ns ix-nextcloud -p '{"metadata":{"labels":{"catalog_train":"enterprise"}}}'

If not using the root user, please prefix this with sudo


We’ve decided to remove the SCALE-specific way of handling GPU loading, in favor of the “normal” way it’s done in kubernetes. One of the reasons why we’ve decided to do this, is the fact that the language used by iX-Systems is very confusing for the user and adding their custom middleware on-top of normal kubernetes makes it less reliable.

In short, this means you will have to specify the number of GPU’s to assign to an App under Resources and Devices and then the Resource Limits section, with your specific GPU type (either AMD, NVIDIA or Intel) as below:


From an end-user perspective, the option has just moved to a slightly different place and instead of a drop-down you’ll have to enter a number of GPU’s to assign, 1 in most cases.

Pre-DragonFish Storage

To make it easier to migrate to DragonFish, all users are advised to set any-and-all references to “StorageClass” to SCALE-ZFS for any existing charts/apps. This option is found under the Storage and Persistence section as below:


This ensures those charts/apps stay working after migrating to TrueNAS SCALE DragonFish in the future.

If you do not do this, we cannot guarantee your data stays in tact when you move to DragonFish in the future.

Technical Common Changes

These changes do not affect end-users of the charts/apps, but are breaking changes in the common library if used directly by DIY/experienced users building their own helm charts.

Removal of SCALE certificates support

After removing SCALE Certificates support from our GUI setup, we’ve now also removed it from the common library chart.

Removal of iXVolumes

iXVolumes was the weird storage solution designed by iX-Systems that created hostPath mounted datasets, automatically. A bit like PVC, but without complying to any industry standards.

We’ve never been using it, nor ever supported it in our charts. Hence we’ve decided to remove it from the common library chart as well.

Removal of SCALE GPU

Besides the removal of SCALE GPU GUI from the end-user GUI, it’s also completely scrubbed from the common library-chart as it is completely replaced.

Exciting Licensing Changes

We’ve made some important updates regarding the licensing of our Chart Repository and associated Helm-charts. After careful consideration, we have made decisions that we believe will better align with the needs of our OpenSource user base and contribute to the continued growth of the TrueCharts ecosystem.

Transition to AGPL Licensing

One of the primary changes involves transitioning the licensing of the majority of our Chart Repository from BSD-3 to AGPL. This shift reflects our commitment to fostering open collaboration and ensuring that derivative works are also open-source. We believe that this move will contribute to a more vibrant and participatory community around TrueCharts.

Open-Sourcing Charts Under AGPL

In addition to the change in repository licensing, we are excited to announce that many of the charts, previously licensed under the Business-Software-License, are now open-sourced under AGPL as well. This decision is in line with our dedication to open-source principles and providing the community with greater access and freedom.

Commercial Licensing Options

Recognizing the diverse needs of our users, especially our commercial friends, we are introducing a commercial licensing option. This AGPL-less license is designed for use in or with a single cluster. This commercial license comes with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that includes guaranteed response times, ensuring a reliable and responsive experience for our valued commercial users.

How to Explore Commercial Licensing

If you are interested in exploring our commercial licensing option, please reach out to us at [email protected]. Our team will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and work with you to find a solution that fits your needs.

We believe that these changes will contribute to the continued success and sustainability of TrueCharts. As we evolve, we are more-than-ever committed to open communication and transparency. We value the continued support greatly and look forward to a future of collaboration and innovation within the TrueCharts community.

Thank you all for being part of the TrueCharts journey!

The future of SCALE Apps

In recent weeks, there has been considerable speculation regarding the future of TrueCharts Apps for TrueNAS SCALE, particularly following comments from iX-Systems staff that were interpreted as suggesting a potential shift away from Kubernetes.

Acknowledging the concerns and uncertainties raised by users, we want to clarify our commitment to providing a reliable experience over the next year.

Our primary focus is to enhance the reliability of our Charts and Apps. While there is apprehension about iX-Systems’ stance on Kubernetes, our thorough analysis leads us to believe that a complete removal of Kubernetes-based SCALE Apps from TrueNAS SCALE is unlikely to occur within 2024. We understand the importance of transparency regarding the direction we are headed.

Recognizing the desire among SCALE users for a user-friendly GUI for deploying Helm-Charts as Apps, without grappling with intricate networking and storage issues, we are addressing this gap. Currently, there is a void for such users, and we acknowledge the legitimacy of their concerns.

To address this, we are actively working on supporting another “Helm as Apps” platform by the end of this year. Additionally, we are developing fail-safe solutions to facilitate smooth migration between different Kubernetes backends, with or without Apps, in the event of unexpected disruptions. This includes investments in standardized backup and restore technologies.

Looking beyond 2024, our vision is to continue supporting our robust SCALE Apps for as long as practical. To achieve this, we plan to replace some iX-Systems solutions with more standardized alternatives. Simultaneously, we aim to offer valid alternatives for SCALE Apps without imposing a specific direction on users, fostering a diverse and user-centric ecosystem.

Introducing our AI bot: TrueAI

As 2023 comes to a close, we’re excited to introduce TrueAI, our new support AI for TrueCharts, TrueNAS, and HeavyScript users. This is our way of stepping into 2024 with a focus on enhancing user support through technology.

TrueAI is now available on our Discord server for everyone to use. To interact with the bot, simply mention @TrueAI in your message. The bot is programmed to create a thread in the channel where it’s mentioned, or reply within an existing thread.

Here are some tips for interacting with TrueAI:

  • Indicate whether you’re using TrueNAS or HELM, and mention the version you’re using.
  • Clearly describe what you’re trying to achieve.
  • Mention any specific issues you’re facing.
  • If applicable, include any error messages you’ve encountered.

Please note that TrueAI cannot interact with images or files sent in messages.

If you need more help after using TrueAI, we encourage you to open a support ticket. Our team is ready to assist you.

We hope TrueAI will be a valuable resource for you all. Wishing everyone a happy and successful 2024!

Introducing Homepage Integration

We are delighted to announce the successful integration of Homepage into our charts.

To fully utilize this new feature, there are two initial steps that need to be performed: installing Homepage on your system and enabling integrations for Homepage in application deployments for the apps you want to show. Our comprehensive Homepage Integration Guide provides detailed instructions for both of these processes, ensuring a smooth setup.

Once these steps are completed, you can activate Kubernetes support in Homepage. This allows you to view your applications and their statuses on a customizable dashboard. Additionally, the code-server addon can be used to organize and arrange applications by editing various YAML files.

Don’t forget to check out the Homepage project site.

Here’s a small example showcasing a mix of manually defined options and TrueCharts integration features for Homepage: