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Website and Announcement Changes

Hello TrueCharts community!

We wanted to share some updates with you regarding some changes we’re making to how we communicate and present information on our website.

First and foremost, we have decided to move away from using short tweets for announcements and instead focus on more “complete” longer news posts on our website. We understand that tweets can be easy to miss and often do not provide enough context or information. By posting longer news updates on our website, we hope to provide a more comprehensive and clear understanding of what’s going on with the TrueCharts project.

In addition to this, we have listened to your feedback and have decided to disable interstitial advertisements on our website. We understand that these can be disruptive and we want to prioritize a positive user experience for our community.

Finally, we wanted to let you know that we are hard at work on improving the documentation for our App on the website. This includes creating new index pages and bringing back security-scan pages to provide more in-depth information and resources for our users.

We hope these changes will improve the overall experience for our community and we appreciate your support and feedback. Thank you for being a part of the TrueCharts project!