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The Future of TrueCharts

Two and a half years ago, we started as nothing but a fork of the k8s-at-home project with added support for TrueNAS SCALE. But since then, we’ve grown quickly and surpassed k8s-at-home in many ways with our fresh custom-made common-chart.

Our focus on providing easy-to-use and reliable Helm charts for various applications has been steadily gaining popularity. As our SCALE support solidifies, we’ve been getting more and more questions about supporting other Kubernetes-based platforms. And we want you to know that we’ve been listening!

Recently, we made the first steps towards giving other platforms the attention they deserve by fixing the release workflow for building a normal Helm repository. Starting Q2 2023, we plan to slowly but steadily begin work on supporting Rancher as well, including full GUI support!

You may slowly see changes in things like our documentation structure, Discord channels, and YouTube video names, including the inevitable broken links. But we believe it will be worth it, lets say “for the greater good”…

In addition to expanding our platform support, we’ve also been secretly working on a complete redesign of our project to match our new multi-platform goals. We’re keeping the redesigns a semi-secret for now, but we’re certain that everyone will be amazed by the incredible artwork our designers have come up with!

But we’re not done yet! With the growth of the project and much feedback (Special shoutout to @HeavyBullets from, it slowly became clear that we couldn’t both build amazing Charts/Apps and offer specialized tools for the platforms we build for. We want to focus on what we’re good at: building those amazing charts.

Taking everything into account and with some pain in our hearts, but also knowing there is a very good alternative out there called “HeavyScript,” we’ve decided to drop development of TrueTool. We would advise everyone to migrate to HeavyScript, which offers a very similar featureset and workflow as the good ‘ol TrueTool!

Overall, we’re excited for what the future holds for the TrueCharts project. We’re committed to providing easy-to-use and reliable Helm charts for our users, and we’re always looking for ways to improve. We believe that focusing on what we do best will allow us to do even more for our users and the community.