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A new ChartsList

After a lot of work by @xstar and review by our staff, we’ve finally officially released our new fancy charts list. It’s now easier than ever to search and provides all the basics at a single glance! Check it out the charts list

At the same time, we’ve decided to remove/hide the list with default ports and paths. We feel that, in due time, this info should be added to our documentation on a per-application basis, on top of that it often lead to confusion as things like ports are not always as simple as they look in a spreadsheet.

As a side-note, we want to highlight the fact TrueTool is not developed anymore and the repository removed. We want to advice everyone to support @heavyBullets and use HeavyScript

HeavyScript is now also featuring special fixes, to ensure TrueCharts SCALE Apps can be stopped if they cannot be stopped in the GUI. This comes in very handy when you want to mount your PVC volumes for maintenance, check it out!

We hope that these changes makes it easier to use TrueCharts for everyone, even those that have not yet picket-out the Chart they want to use!