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Meet Jellyfin, OpenSource Media Server

As Linus TechTips recently discovered, Jellyfin is a fantastic solution for watching your media from anywhere and our app makes it incredibly easy to install on TrueNAS SCALE.

With the popularity of Jellyfin on the rise, iX-Systems has put together a great guide for setting it up on TrueNAS SCALE using our TrueCharts App. The guide provides step-by-step instructions for getting started with Jellyfin, making it simple for anyone to enjoy their media collection from anywhere. The guide can be found here

At TrueCharts, we are big supporters of open-source software, and believe it is essential to the continued growth and advancement of technology. Jellyfin is no exception, and we encourage users to contribute to the Jellyfin project by visiting their Github repository or donating to their cause through their Open Collective.

The same goes for TrueCharts. Open-source projects like TrueCharts can only survive with the support of its users. If you would like to show your support for TrueCharts, you can donate to our project through Patreon or through our website

Together, we can continue to advance the world of open-source software and provide users with the tools they need to enjoy their media collections from anywhere. Try out our Jellyfin App for TrueNAS SCALE today and see for yourself how easy it is to get started.