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Even faster Release Processing

We are excited to announce that we have recently made significant improvements to our continuous integration (CI) process, reducing the time it takes to process all of our apps from 12 hours to less than 20 minutes. This has been a major focus for us, as we understand the importance of fast feedback and iteration for our developers and users.

One of the key challenges we faced in improving the speed of our CI process was the use of Helm dependency update and Chart Releaser. These tools where essential for managing and releasing our chart packages, but they have no caching and can sometimes break the release pipeline when pushing back into the repository. To address these issue, we developed custom tooling replacing these generalized tools.

Our custom logic works by first checking the repository for any existing chart packages that have been updated since the last release. If any updates are found, we use a combination of caching and selective release processes to ensure that only the necessary chart packages are released and their dependencies updated, rather than releasing all packages every time. The caching and increased efficiency of the new tooling, helps to reduce the overall time required for the CI process and ensures that our release pipeline remains fast-and-stable.

We are confident that these improvements will significantly benefit our developers and users, and we look forward to continuing to optimize and streamline our CI process in the future.