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Embrace KubeApps, Rancher, and FluxCD! 🚀

Exciting news! TrueCharts is taking a leap forward by officially adding support for KubeApps, Rancher, and FluxCD to our deployment options. This expansion complements our existing support for Normal “Native” Helm Charts and TrueNAS SCALE Apps, offering you a broader range of choices for seamless application deployment.

A Quick Recap of the Tiers

Tier 1: Normal “Native” Helm Charts Our versatile foundation! While not the origin, this tier serves as the baseline for Helm Chart functionality. All features work smoothly, and our team, particularly the developers, are well-versed in Helm.

Tier 2: Welcoming KubeApps and FluxCD In this tier, we introduce KubeApps, Rancher, and FluxCD – like the cool cousins of Helm Charts. They come with optional GUI elements, and we’re currently configuring KubeApps and Rancher via YAML through the web GUI, with plans for UI enhancements in 2024.

Tier 3: TrueNAS SCALE Apps and Rancher The third tier introduces TrueNAS SCALE Apps, where a bit more abstraction comes into play. While we strive for the best, 100% stability isn’t guaranteed due to the added layers. Expect some limitations, like fewer features, no direct YAML edits, and a few more bugs.

Not Supported (yet): ArgoCD Currently we’ve one planned future addition: ArgoCD. But due to technical issues from ArgoCD, we cannot yet support it and it will not work reliably yet with TrueCharts Helm Charts either.

Behind the Expansion

This expansion is about offering you more choices while maintaining the excellence you expect from TrueCharts. It’s about enriching your deployment experience with flexibility and reliability.

There is more

But there is more, in addition to supporting KubeApps on Normal Kubernetes, we’ve also released KubeApps as a TrueNAS App. Allowing you to install everything in both Bitnami and TrueCharts Repositories, straight onto your TrueNAS Kubernetes system, using KubeApps!

What’s on the Horizon?

The journey doesn’t stop here! Throughout 2024, we’re delving deeper into KubeApps, Rancher, and FluxCD. Additionally, we’re committed to providing more comprehensive documentation for every Helm Chart and supported platform. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue growing together. 🌐✨