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Cluster-Wide Certificates

We are happy to announce that support for cluster-wide certificates is now available for Truecharts! You can now create a single certificate and use it throughout your cluster. We call these certificates “cluster certificates”.

Before you use the new feature, you should sync the Truecharts catalog and update all of your already installed apps to their latest version.

In addition to the cert-manager and clusterissuer apps you need for normal certificates, to use cluster certificates you also need to install our new kubernetes-reflector app from the enterprise train. For most setups installing the app with default settings is sufficient.

Once installed, edit your clusterissuer app and add a new cluster certificate. Note down the name you called it. Edit the app you wish to use the cluster certificate for and go to the Ingress section. If you have previously used a clusterissuer certificate, remove the issuer name. Click on Show Advanced Settings and add a TLS entry. Enter the name of your cluster certificate, and the certificate host(s) which it will be used for.

For a more detailed guide, see our docs.