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Cert-Manager Operator

After building our own MetalLB, CNPG and Prometheus operator charts, we’ve also now finished the work on building our own Cert-Manager operator chart. As of today this chart will be a requirement for new users if they want to use Cert-Manager and required for all users starting August 1, 2023.

If you have already installed clusterissuer follow the below guidance for installation of the Cert-Manager operator chart.

If you have not already done so add the operator train to TrueCharts as outlined here

  1. Run this in the system shell as root:
    k3s kubectl delete --grace-period 30 --v=4 -k
  2. Install cert-manager from the operators train.
  3. Update clusterissuer to the latest version of (2.0.1+).
  • If you are already on the latest version perform an empty edit of clusterissuer (Edit app and save without making any changes).

If you run into additional issues, please file a ticket with our dedicated support staff via the #support channel of our discord as normal.