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Sponsor Us

Opensource projects live and die with community support. To ensure TrueCharts can continue it's great effort to become the best resource for Helm Charts and TrueNAS SCALE Apps, we aim to become fully self-funding in the future. TrueCharts manages it's finances through our Open Collective page, in order to make our finances transparent and visible for all.

Project Sponsorship and donations

A sponsor gets a more-or-less little reward for their investment into our project. In the future we're also planning to add unique actions and rewards for existing sponsors, on-top-off the already great rewards! Donations are gifts that do not cover a reward and can be used by the project to cover expenses or expand our project.

You can become a sponsor of TrueCharts or make a project donation using one of the following channels:

Open Collective


Github Sponsors

If you have a choice we prefer Open Collective or Github Sponsors since Patreon has more fees for everyone, however nothing is discouraged.