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Opensource projects live and die with community support. To ensure TrueCharts can continue it's great effort to become the best resource for Helm Charts and TrueNAS SCALE Apps, we aim to become fully self-funding in the future.

Project Sponsorship

A sponsor gets a more-or-less little reward for their investment into our project. In the future we're also planning to add unique actions and rewards for existing sponsors, on-top-off the already great rewards!

We currently offer multiple recurring sponsor tiers:



Donations are gifts that do not cover a reward and can be both aimed out our project or as a thank-you to one of our core-team members directly

Project Donations

Project Donations can be made using one of the following channels:


Github Sponsors


Personal Donations

Founder/Maintainer: Ornias

One can use the following options to donate to the project maintainer, Ornias, directly:

Github Sponsors



Co-Maintainer: Stavros

Github Sponsors

Other contributors

Check out their specific github profiles and/or website to find if you can support more of our frequent contributors!