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How to: Create Certificates

At TrueCharts we support HTTPS deployments of every app using our Traefik Reverse Proxy. We support both self-signed, custom and lets-encrypt certificates, using the TrueNAS SCALE building certificate manager. Available under "Credentials"

Self Signed certificates

Self signed certificates are relatively straight forward and handled by Traefik itself. You just select the default TrueNAS certificate when adding a ingress to your App and Traefik does the rest! Please be aware that these certificates are not really secure, but are "good enough" for testing.

Lets-Encrypt Certificates

With the current version of TrueNAS SCALE, it's possible to automatically generate certificates for your domain(s) using letsencrypt. However, this process is not very clear, hence we added a short how-to guide as well. After you managed to complete this, you should be able to select "iX Certificate" as certificate option and your personal certificate in the other drop-down box!

Import existing certificates

TrueNAS SCALE also allows you to manually import certificates, this is rather straight forward: Copy-Paste the keys into their respective boxes and hit save