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Apps Development Suggestions

The goal is to gather some suggestions and forward them to iX-Systems.

For easy reference the priorities are linked to a future release for reference purposes and should be read as "The following release or earlier". When given a priority the following is taken into account:

  • The amount of complaints about something

  • How invasive the change is, most likely, going to be vs. the time till the aimed release.

  • If there are any TrueCharts features that are currently "on-hold" or struggling, due to the lack of a certain feature

  • The added value a feature is going to have for TrueNAS SCALE

Priority: Medium/U1

GUI suggestions
  • Use all screen on install / edit app, not just a sidebar. NAS-110183
  • Allow changing colors (yellow/gold default) of catalogs/trains boxes in the available/installed apps tabs, to be easier to distinguish between catalog/train. NAS-112065
  • Add option for separators and whitespace in questions.yaml NAS-110750
  • Allow fields of type text in questions.yaml, instead of just string NAS-112061
  • Add more bulk options, like bulk upgrade and restart. NAS-112055
  • Allow showing 1 or more default entries when creating a list (instead of an empty list)NAS-109761
  • Allow multiple Containers to all consume the same intel GPU NAS-112058
  • Add ability to group apps. NAS-112070
Backend suggestions
  • Add ability to save and restore a PVC backup even on app delete NAS-112066

Priority: Low/Post-U1

GUI suggestions
  • Fix some of the themes to work with apps section. NAS-112069
  • Add sorting options in app catalog. NAS-112067
  • Show statistics per app (cpu / network / ram) NAS-112071
  • Validate regex defined in questions.yaml when focus leaves input field. NAS-112072
  • Set custom message to display when valid_chars is not matched. NAS-112073
  • Make timezone searchable and sorted in Scale Apps installation NAS-109524
  • Show App service internal DNS names in App Overview NAS-112063
Backend suggestions
  • Allow show_if and show_subquestions_if to to use values for evaluation from parent variables NAS-110751

Priority: Most likely not possible/feasable

  • Add ability to set which app will start on boot (Auto start) NAS-112076
  • Add ability to set a delay before an app starts on boot (Delayed auto start) NAS-112077
  • Allow to auto update Apps NAS-112056
  • Add a feature to allow App creators to show a dropdown listing other Apps to connect to NAS-112064
  • Mount the PVC dataset to the host NAS-112078