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Support Policy

TrueCharts on TrueNAS SCALE

TrueCharts aims to always support the latest version of TrueNAS SCALE. However, sometimes new versions of either TrueNAS or TrueCharts introduces breaking changes. This document highlights which versions of TrueCharts (or rather branches), support which versions of TrueNAS SCALE.

We also document which versions of TrueNAS will receive TrueCharts updates and for which versions we are accepting bug reports.

Supported Versions

TrueNAS versionBranchSupported with updatesAccepting Support ticketsAccepting Bug ReportsNotes
22.02.4 or priormasterAdvised to update to 22.12.2 release of TrueNAS SCALE
22.12.0masterStable Release as of 2022-12-13
22.12.1masterStable Release as of 2023-02-21
22.12.2masterStable Release as of 2023-04-11
22.12.3masterStable Release as of 2023-06-13 Release as of 2023-06-20 Release as of 2023-07-05 Release as of 2023-07-25
NightlymasterPlease only submit bug reports during codefreeze
Support Guidelines

Our Discord support (the ticketing system inside #support) is primarily limited to what is covered by our written guides. This includes installing, linking and editing apps. This doesn't mean the actual setup of the application. All #support tickets covered by the staff are done so in a best effort policy.

Stable Train Charts

We provide direct support for getting stable train charts working on our discord inside the #support channel. That includes installation and guidance on getting it working with defaults or basic settings (not advanced customisations or remote smb shares, etc). Bug reports aren't accepted on discord so if you spot a bug (Charts in the stable train should work with mostly defaults configuration) please report them to our github. Bug reports that state something doesn't work without supporting items may be closed.

Incubator Train Charts

Our support policy for incubator train charts is different for those on the stable train. Those charts are work in progress, may break at anytime and we're still going through many of the charts from unRAID. We won't accept support tickets for incubator train charts on our discord. However, we have an #incubator-chat channel for these apps to help get them running and/or receive feedback. With enough positive feedback a chart can be promoted to stable train. Feedback about bugs is also accepted there which can be used to fix them. Assume anything in the incubator train is in beta and you're testing it. As well, anything installed in incubator will have to be REINSTALLED once it moves to the stable train.