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Ingress (more commonly known as Reverse Proxy) settings can be configured here. This is how Kubernetes connects your Applications in containers to FQDNs (fully qualified domain names). If you choose to enable this you must have a Reverse Proxy installed and a DNS service to resolve the DNS name of the FQDN specified.

Reverse Proxy support

Currently the Reverse Proxy of choice for TrueCharts is Traefik. Enabling Ingress will configure settings for use with the Traefik application. Other reverse proxies may be used, however these settings will not affect them and there will be no support from the TrueCharts team.



Before enabling Ingress we recommend installing the App and ensure it's working first.

Main Ingress

To configure Ingress follow this step by step guide:

  • Enable Enable Ingress
  • Hosts
    • HostName (required): Enter your FQDN here (
  • Paths : Must have one but may have multiple paths.
    • Path (required): / is entered by default.
    • Path Type (required): Prefix is entered by default.

By default the hosts list is empty. This is due to upstream design choices and is an issue that is yet to be resolved upstream. However, adding hosts (preferably just one) is required for an app to function with ingress enabled.


Apps may not install and throw errors if you do not add a host and path.

Certificate Settings

Single Domain

  • Cert-Manager clusterIssuer : Enter the name of an ACME Issuer configured in clusterissuer.

Ingress Example using clusterissuer with single domain

Multiple Domains

To support multiple domains, use the TLS-Settings option. Ensure Cert-Manager clusterIssuer is blank for the TLS-Settings to be displayed.

Ingress Example using clusterissuer with multiple domains

Advanced Settings

  • Traefik Middlewares: Any Traefik middlewares can be added here, see how to Add Basic Auth to Apps for an example of a Traefik middleware.

  • Add Manual Custom Ingresses (expert): Enables advanced custom Ingress settings that may be used by expert users.

Networking Main Service Type


We recommend that in Networking and Services that the Service Type for the Main Service is configured as ClusterIP. See Networking and Services for further details.

Main Service Type set to ClusterIP

Traefik Certificate Issues

Sometimes you might notice Traefik ignores your certificate. This is most likely due to the domain on your certificate being different from the domain you entered into the HostName entry. Traefik requires your certificate to match the domain used for Ingress.